Bimbosan - A long company history

Bimbosan is a typical, family-operated Swiss company that has been producing premium special baby food since 1932. Bimbosan is proud to have upheld Swiss tradition throughout its history, always relying on Switzerland as its production location.

Bimbosan Singapore

No1 in Swiss pharmacies and drugstores

Bimbosan has successfully produced extraordinary products of the highest quality since 81 years. As a result, Bimbosan is today one of the most popular baby food brands in Switzerland and proud to be No1 in Swiss pharmacies and drugstores.

Bimbosan only contains the very best Swiss quality 

From the very outset, only raw materials from selected Swiss suppliers have been used in Bimbosan products. All raw materials are thus processed in compliance with the strictest quality standards in Switzerland. The tough selection process for suppliers makes it possible for Bimbosan to offer a wide range of Swiss organic products. Because the environment where Swiss farmers let their cows graze is still intact, Switzerland today has the highest quality cow's milk which is highly sought-after and popular even beyond Switzerland's borders.